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Home Magazine Via Corsa Magazine – Issue #7

Via Corsa Magazine – Issue #7


On the cover: The Ferrari Tribute to the Mille Miglia. Read more about Via Corsa Magazine’s exclusive cover story on what Enzo Ferrari regarded as, “the world’s most beautiful race!”

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Via Corsa Magazine takes you on a first person exclusive through the Italian countryside behind the wheel of a Ferrari 458 Speciale in the Ferrari Tribute to the Mille Miglia. Also, learn about the Punk Rocker of Cars, Aaron Hagar, as he combines art and mechanics in his Rat Rod garage. Follow Aaron Brown and Ed Goff as they took the adventure of a lifetime in this 1970 Toyota FJ-40 through the Trans-American Trail. Discover the difference and similarities of driving on ice two thousand miles away from each other in Europe and North America. There’s so much to cover in this issue, and perfect for the auto enthusiast in your family!




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