Connecting Owner & Engine Maker in a unique way

Have you ever had the honor of meeting the person responsible for constructing the driving force behind…your engine? At AMG, or properly known today as Mercedes-AMG, modifications to help enhance the driving performance, speed and efficiency are very strategically yet delicately fashioned by a single engine expert to maximize the very definition of Mercedes-Benz. Follow Via Corsa as we give you the keys to the Mercedes-AMG factory experience.

Via Corsa takes you on an in depth AMG Factory and Driving Experience

Here is a shot from the AMG Factory Tour and Driving Experience in our 5th issue. This story features just how extensive the process is and the painstaking detail that goes into the creation of an AMG engine. Be sure to read all about the tour and how you can soup up your Mercedes-Benz to the pinnacle of engine design.