Bo’ness Museum

The Citroën 2CV, blue Ford Anglia and Lotus Espirit Turbo at the Bo'ness Museum, revisiting cars from Bond movies and other British cinema.

A treasure trove of eclectic trinkets, mixed with several vehicles packed into a small space, this museum is one place that you would never expect that overflows with a rich conglomerate of British pop culture intermingled into a makeshift 007 headquarters.

This museum is an unsuspecting ‘must-see’ for any fans of 007 who find themselves traveling through the small town of Bo’ness. The museum currently has over 25 different vehicles and prop replicas seen in various James Bond films. Most of the vehicles are reproductions and are so impressive that they have been previously used for promotional purposes and photo shoots. Museum owner, Colin Anderson, began this collection in the early 90’s with no intention for it to blossom and centralize around James Bond. As time and collecting continued however, it became apparent that 007 was a common theme seen throughout the collection trend. Complimenting the already star lit collection are few other notable vehicles from other films and add to the emulation of true pop culture in Britain.

We got to tour this quaint and very notable stop in Bo’ness and had a lovely afternoon with Colin proudly sharing his collection with us. Be sure to read about more details and a more in-depth view on this awesome stop we were pleasantly surprised to make!