Lime Rock Track in the Fall: A Time Unlike Any Other

The starting line at Lime Rock Park.

Nestled in the forests of Northwest Connecticut, lies a track found in the lore of historic tracks: Lime Rock Park. This track can be exhilarating, succinct and unforgiving. The intimate nature and rolling green topography surrounding the area can be breathtaking to venture to during the fall and spring. Via Corsa Magazine went to Lime Rock Park for a brief respite during the middle of Fall, and what was supposed to be a calming end to the racing campaign was a scintillating survey of vintage and sports cars duking it out on the track. If you have never gotten the opportunity to check out this bucket list track, you should do so immeditately. Read more about Lime Rock Park in Via Corsa Magazine’s sixth issue. Found here: Via Corsa Magazine #6. Also, read more about former Corso Pilota driving instructor Mark Hamilton Peter’s take on Lime Rock.


The Pavilion at Lime Rock Park. Celebrating 60 years in 2017. Keeping much of the structural integrity intact, but still evolving.