For over 25 years, the Dodge Viper has been a mainstay in the sports car world. The powerful model has been celebrated and praised in the U.S., being a domestic formidable supercar able to rival European imports. Dodge Viper clubs across the country boast of their affinity and ownership of these models. Unfortunately, sales over the years have declined with the new model launched in 2013, and Dodge will be pulling the plug and stopping production in 2017.

But just like it came into the automotive world, Viper will not go out quietly into the night. Dodge unveiled five special editions of the SRT Viper that came out the summer of 2016. The five special editions include: 1:28 edition ACR, the GTS-R Commemorative edition, the VooDoo two edition ACR, the Snakeskin Edition GTC and the special Dodge Dealer edition ACR. These new models offer a lot of power and get-up; the Viper ACR and single GTC model have an 8.4-liter all-aluminum V10 with 645 HP and 600 lb.-ft. of twist. Average cost of a Dodge Viper sits around $85,000, and these new models cost $120,000 and up.

You can read further in the magazine about how the Speedwerkz team took a multitude of Dodge Vipers and tackled the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee and North Carolina.

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