Presumed lost for decades, the primarily used stunt car from "Bullitt" turned up in Mexico.

One of two Mustangs used in the movie found in Mexican junkyard.

Vanishing from the set of the iconic movie for repairs, the 1968 Mustang 390 GT used primarily as the stunt car in the film’s production was assumed lost. About a year ago, the car was discovered in a junkyard in Baja California Sur in Mexico.

The man who found it brought it to his friend who owned a auto shop to convert the Mustang into a replica of the car used in “Gone in Sixty Seconds.” What the two stumbled upon was more of a myth. Fast forward to this week classic Ford expert Kevin Marti traveled to Mexico to prove the authenticity of the vehicle used in “Bullitt.”

Marti told Fox News, “I’m 100 percent sure it’s authentic,” alluding to the compatible VIN number as well as cross-dating the analysis of the car’s body parts from the missing Mustang. A lot has been speculated the past 48 hours, but that endorsement seems to prove its worth. Marti Auto Works¬†has collected a database of all Ford production vehicles from 1967-2012, so they are the authority on the matter.

The other car used for the film has been privately owned for decades, showcased periodically while its partner has seemingly gone down a different path. When the Mustang was found in the junkyard a year ago, the paint was stripped, and the car in absolutely unrecognizable shape.

For now, the founders of the car are preserving it and have mentioned that they have been receiving calls hoping to purchase it “as-is.” Moving forward, Via Corsa will update you with any changes to the story.