The new 680 hp Ferrari GTC4Lusso drifts through another snowy winter.

Ferraris on Ice!

The Ferrari Corso Pilota on Ice program in Northern, Italy is a private racing school open to Ferrari owners. Hands down, it’s an experience unlike anything I have ever known in my life. The thrill of driving the new and grandiose Ferrari GTC4Lusso on an ice field to challenge the winter elements was absolutely phenomenal!

Ferrari founded the Ice Racing School as an extension of the larger Corso Pilota racing programs that are located in Italy and North America and have been around for well over a decade.

The First Day

As we drove toward the designated hotel for the Corso Pilota on Ice participants, the highly-rated Hotel Lac Salin, located just next to the Carosello 3000 Ski Area, I felt the excitement building in my chest. This was going to be quite the adventure, I just knew it.

The amicable staff offered a warm greeting as we check in and get situated with our room. Once we were all settled, we decided to take a walk along the length of the ancient village, only to see the clouds roll in, bringing a flurry of new snow. My excitement was palpable.

That night, we had to register and attend a briefing where all driving students were introduced to the instructors and the head of the program, Alex Bruschetta. Alex educated us on the nuances of what lay ahead over the next two days. I listened attentively and ascertained beyond a shadow of a doubt that Alex knew what he was talking about. A World Rally Champion, European Rally Champion, Italian Mitsubishi Rally Trophy winner, Italian Rally Champion, and winner of the Italian Subaru Trophy; he was far from an amateur in this arena. Several of my fellow classmates shake their heads in awe and disbelief at his confidence and accomplishments.

You can read more about my adventure in Via Corsa Magazine’s 7th issue, which hits newsstands on March 14th!