Maserati Museum and Collection Found Amidst Cows and Cheese in Italy

This 1958 Maserati Tipo 420/M/58 "El Dorado" belonged to a famous English driver. Can you name who it was?

Cars Found in Barns, Complete with Cheese?

Some of the most amazing finds have been found in the most unlikely places. In this case, a musty barn aroma of a dairy farm tucked away among the outskirts of Modena, Italy would seem like the least likely place to discover anything of interest at all, other than ya know dairy.

At the end of the single lane road among cows on either side along with a barn full of rusted farming equipment, you will find a treasure trove of a historically significant collection of Maserati vehicles thought by many to be lost to time and age.

As an added bonus, the surrounding daily facility is home of the best organic Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese in the world (often incorrectly referred to as just parmesan cheese here in the United States). The combinations of a classic car collection, a cow laden dairy farm, and a cheese paradise seem like a very unusual dream.

The Museum Today

The rescued Maserati vehicle collection that might have otherwise been lost forever, sits inside an unsuspecting barn-house outfitted as a humble museum display. The collection today is officially referred to as the Umberto Panini Collection.

The museum itself is plastered with old banners, posters, display cases, pictures and several museum pieces among these impressive vehicles. Although situated as a museum with the official furnishings, you’ll still find hints and reminders of this unique barn find with an occasional cat or two roaming among the collections.

Situated among two levels, the first level displays the vehicles while the second level displays a motorcycle collection also recovered as a consolation prize for any motorcycle enthusiast as well. Any visitor or car enthusiast who comes to know of this collection travel from far and wide to take a glimpse into the beginnings of Maserati and appreciate the historically significant vehicles that played major parts in the unfolding history of the now world famous car company.

You can read more about this unobtrusive museum and collection in Via Corsa Magazine’s 4th issue. You can purchase it here.