Flashback Friday: Scottsdale Automotive Museum

The short tenure of the Scottsdale Automotive Museum was a niche-specific and unique take on the contemporary automobile museum.

The Newest Auto Museum on the Scene in Arizona

Arizona situates itself as a prime setting for automotive enthusiast culture: perfect weather throughout the year, variety of topography and large open stretches of road. Ideal for the sedentary or hermit auto enthusiast.

At the time, the Scottsdale Automotive Museum was one of the newer auto museums to be introduced in the nation before its untimely closing.

Largest Zagato Collection

Opened in 2009 as a private collection, this venue holds one of the largest collections of Zagato-bodied cars. The collection set its sights on a glorious assortment of original cars, restored cars or motorcycles.

Zagatos hails from the namesake of Ugo Zagato. Ugo formed his design company in Italy during World War I. The facilities did not take root until after World War II.

Ugo brought his background of aircraft engineering into the design of his automobile. What procured from his design became a car that was both aerodynamic and lightweight.

Visitors Received a Fresh Exhibition

This small collection features many cars that have adorned the lawns during various Pebble Beach Concours. The theme is high-end European sports cars and race cars with a specific focus on Zagato-built vehicles.