Weekend Summer Drives: New Hampshire

From Flickr/Ken Lund "Connecticut River from Interstate 91 on Vermont-New Hampshire border."

Spring Already Sprung, Time to Soak in the Wonder of Summer

Not only is the Northeast the hub of United States History, it also serves as a prime region for automotive adventure. Nestled away from the bright lights of New York, states like Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont accentuate the beauty of countryside and cottage excursions.

In addition, the state we would like to highlight for this first weekend of June (de facto first “full” summer weekend) would be New Hampshire.

The Nuzzle of the New Hampshire Huddle

New Hampshire, or also known as “The Granite State,” features over 1,000 miles of scenic byway. Wouldn’t think it would? Sandwiched between Vermont and New Hampshire, the state’s territory and almost lack of spotlight teams it with a vastness of road and rolling land, unkempt from big city interests and populous.

The Connecticut River Scenic Byway is one of particular joy and adventure. Taking visitors through the gorgeous views of the New Hampshire countryside, this byway runs along the western border of New Hampshire. Summer time presents a perfect opportunity to tour this gorgeous scenic byway, with absolutely optimal temperatures and fresh ocean air coming from the upper Atlantic.

Other regions of particular quaintness and interest would be the Merrimack Valley, where you can choose from 10 other scenic byways in this region. Also, the Seacoast region takes travelers along the tiny snippet of New Hampshire coast presenting a particularly striking and beautiful area.

Look back for other drives and destinations during the remainder of the summer to go out and drive your adventure!