Weekend Summer Drives: Northern California

The tunnel of the great California Redwoods creates a fantastic scenic drive.

Much Ado about California

One of the best things about auto enthusiasm is its transparency and lack of prejudice. Automotive enthusiasts come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Sure, some geographic areas entreat a few luxuries others might not get the benefit of on a daily basis, but it doesn’t create a hierarchy. If you are a true enthusiast, shift your gears proudly!

With that being said for those possibly unaware, California has quite the appeal for the auto enthusiast, specifically the flurry of fantastic and scenic roads housed in the state. When you think of a quintessential sports car drive, what do you picture? Do you picture a winding road, overlooking the cliff of an expansive, crisp, blue ocean? Probably so!

Weekend Summer Drives: Adventure instead to Northern California

California State RouteĀ 1, or Pacific Coast Highway, captures the bright and beaming California driving experience. But, that’s not all this auto enthusiast culture and geographic hot spot has to offer.

Viewed as the haven for the sports car enthusiast, the state proposes more than just a beautiful drive overlooking the Pacific. Auto enthusiasts can look more north to capture yet another enchanting scenic drive.

Into the Redwoods

Next time you are in northern California, make sure to adventure through the Avenue of the Giants and the Redwood National Forest. Here, giant trees hundreds of years old align and tower over the tunnel of road for the picturesque scene.

Northern California has other pristine driving stretches to offer, as well! Monterey holds high esteem within the car enthusiasm, so make sure and check out the 17-Mile Drive at Pebble Beach during Monterey Car Week this August. And, don’t forget about Howland Hill Road in Crescent City or the Ebbetts Pass National Scenic Byway.

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