Pave the Way to Monterey

Monterey Car Week is now two weeks away! The daze of summer through late July paves the way for the premier automotive enthusiast event on the West Coast, arguably the world. The week will feature countless Concours, lavish events and breathtaking cars around ever turn. For those looking for a fresh rally leading up to the bulk of events during the week, look no further than the inaugural Black Tie Revolution Rally!

Moving the Odometer

Monterey, Calif. — On August 14, the Black Tie Revolution Rally (BTRR) will hold its inaugural event, preceding the events of Monterey Car Week. This rally newcomer features an exclusive drive for the next generation of gearheads who like to turn wrenches and move the odometer. For younger automotive enthusiasts wanting to participate and meet other likeminded persons their age, the BTRR allows these younger passionate auto enthusiasts the opportunity to showcase their cars and passion without the high price tag of a Concours entrance.

For Next Generation Gearheads

Featured in the initial running, BTRR will lead participants through some of the most scenic routes in Monterey, Calif., many not featured in most generic tourist drives. Other highlights of the rally include a chance for crews to roll the dice at each checkpoint for the opportunity to lower their overall time by scavenging for authentic Ferrari parts. Of course, drivers could also do regular check-ins at each time trail, moving forward trying to get the lowest time on their merit solely behind the wheel.

The rally ends at a new winery in the area surrounded by rolling hills for the private after-party, featuring gourmet food, raffles, prizes for the top 3 finishes, live DJ, and highly refined wine. One hundred participants will compete in 50 cars in the initial running. If you would like to register for next year’s festivities, leading up to Monterey Car Week 2018, please contact the president of BTRR, Taylor Wrighton: