Burgers and Nostalgia with a Coke please…


It’s no secret that small town diners have some of the best food around and are the perfect pit stops along any adventure you might find yourself on adding to the enjoyment. Classic diners of the old Route 66 days are becoming harder to find but when you do, it’s a trip down nostalgia lane and a slice of homestyle goodness. Williams, Arizona is one of these awesome spots with the Cruiser’s Cafe 66 Bar and Grill. Featuring all-American dining, high bar stools, checkerboard flooring, a jukebox, and plenty of vintage décor this restaurant brings the 1950’s back the right way. While Williams is a town not any people stay in long since people pass through, this makes the stop there well more than worth it if you have a “jonesing” for a burger and a pit stop. Read about Via Corsa’s pit stop in our 7th issue for more of a juicy bite!