Ferrari Racing Days and AVD-Oldtimer Grand Prix at Nürburgring 2019



Any car enthusiast always has a snap answer to general race or track questions. So, when people ask questions like what the largest track is, the most dangerous, or the most popular, the answer is laid out in a mammoth stretch totaling 16.12 miles of glorious excitement and infamy. Enter the Nürburgring. If all the tracks in Germany or in the world for that matter were compared, this track is the one where all others are compared which speaks volumes of how revered it really is in the racing world.

Now infamous and known throughout the world, the track was built originally because races being held on public roads in the Eifel Mountains were extremely dangerous. Dr. Otto Creutz was a councilor from the Eifel district during that time thought the track would also help to boost employment rates and tourism to the area. He was supported by the then Mayor of Koln, Konrad Adenauer who would open the first Autobahn. Since the completion of the track in 1927, it has obviously gone through a multitude of changes that have made it one of the most exciting and sought-after tracks for any car enthusiast or die-hard racer to conquer.

The track itself is split in two with multiple layouts for each. The Nürburgring Grand Prix Track is 3.23 miles long and is utilized for Formula 1 races, while the more famous northern section the Nordschleife is the 12.9-mile endurance track and is actually open to the public as a one-way toll road. The Nordschleife has been dubbed “The Green Hell” by Sir Jackie Stewart during his 1968 Grand Prix win after having braved through rain, wind and fog. Today, the track is a still point of the turning world of racing. Many events that take place here are considered a pilgrimage to the most avid type of car enthusiast.

Given the monumental history behind such a pinnacle track of racing, an exciting weekend is coming soon to the Nürburgring on the weekend of July 5th to the 7th, 2019. Scuderia Ferrari will be solely dedicated to that weekend and returning with races that need no introduction. The F1 Clienti will bring their Formula 1 cars to the Eifel and go on the track with them that weekend to bring you a much-desired plethora of adventure. Be sure to grab your tickets by clicking here and come back to the ring for all the thrills and adrenaline once again!

Also, another event shortly afterwards is the AVD-Oldtimer Grand Prix on August 9th through 11th, 2019. This one can be considered Europe’s version of Monterey Car Week and boasts an attendance of over 60,000 making it one of the most popular vintage racing events in the world. It is an annual gathering of varying car clubs, racers, auction junkies, and automotive enthusiasts of all walks of life. All of the attendees would tell you that this is the event to prepare for if you were to choose one to go to. Automobiles from almost every era of history can be seen driving the north loop giving all spectators a thrill no matter what your background in automobiles may be. Various motorsports legends are also known to gather at this event so you should not simply overlook this one. Get your tickets for this one by clicking here!