Valkyrie Racing and Peking to Paris 2019


If you are looking for true automotive adventure to its core…you need not look any further than the Peking to Paris Rally. A rally like no other, this one sets apart the hardcore automotive guru from the amateur enthusiast. For those unfamiliar with the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge, the event places racers in the seats of vintage or classic cars traveling over a wide and treacherous distance of over 8,500 miles between the cities of Peking, China all the way to Paris, France in a race against time making for one of the most challenging rallies in the world. Use of vintage and classic cars to travel daily distances up to 650 kilometers defines what ‘endurance’ really means for a rally.

Previously featured in our 12th Issue, founder of Valkyrie Racing, Renee Brinkerhoff, is taking on this endeavor in her famed 1956 Porsche 356A. Renee is consistently breaking racing records and has set out to break more with her sights set on the finish line in Paris after burning rubber and leaving the starting line of Peking in the dust. Her World Rally Tour aims to make racing history by racing the Porsche on all seven continents even including Antarctica! Thus far she has conquered North America, Australia, and South America. With the Peking to Paris Rally, this will add Asia and Europe as rightful placeholders in her accomplishments. Her noble undertakings aim to inspire other female racing drivers to tackle their dreams as well as raise awareness to the global problem of child trafficking. If you want to follow Renee on this history making adventure, you can watch her progress live by clicking the link below and follow her Facebook page! (Photo Credits: Renee Brinkerhoff of Valkyrie Racing Facebook Page)

Track Renee’s progress during the Peking to Paris Rally by clicking here!