Drives to take in the Pine Tree State (Maine)


There is something truly unique about a coastal view of the northeastern United States that sets it apart from all other coastal areas throughout the nation. Depending on your timing of your trip if you are going through the Pine Tree State better known as Maine, you are in for some truly special views and adventures that are unique only to those areas. Succulent seafood, quaint seaside villages, old harbors, light salty mists, rocky coastal edges, lighthouses, and crisp forests create a perfect destination for any adventurers on the road looking for something different and unforgettable. With all of these things to see, you shouldn’t be in any hurry for these drives and let it soak in with of course a warm hearth nearby to prevent that frigid chill!

Maine’s Coastal Highway 1

Traveling north along this highway from Bar Harbor to Portland will give you a local insight like no other. Old harbor towns and villages are scattered in plentiful numbers along this popular route. According to some Trip Advisor reviews, it’s easy to get “lost” off the beaten path with exploration of sidewalks in the towns scattered along the highway. Some notable spots off this route include places such as York Beach, Cape Elizabeth, Biddeford Pool, and Scarborough’s Beaches. Be sure that you slow your roll and enjoy Acadia National Park if you find yourself there to witness the beautiful fall foliage. Scenic views coupled with these coastal treasures will definitely put this adventure up there on your top lists!

Height of Land

512 acres is barely enough to contain the beauty bursting at the seams in this gorgeously conserved vista near Rangeley, Maine. While this is a little more inland away from the coast and situated along the Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Byway, this view boasts some of the best views in New England. Taking Route 17 from Rumford to Rangeley will give you some spectacular views and leading up to the grand finale of this very sought-after spot. There’s not a map anywhere with Maine on it that won’t mention it or place it as a “must see” spot. Be sure to grab lunch before heading up to the spot as there is very limited areas to eat or take a quick rest stop. You may want to practice your breathing before going because the views will truly leave you breathless!

Park Loop Road

In keeping with the recurring theme that is coastal views and quaint shops within a stone’s throw away from water, the Park Loop Road is a major national park with countless observation points, restaurants, quaint shops, and points of interest that will help fill up your day. According to locals and multiple sources on Trip Advisor, this is one spot that you must visit before leaving. This is one such way to see Acadia National Park and by following the road you will see Cadillac Mountain, Sand Beach and several other vistas. Be sure to stop and grab some delicious lobster at some of the local eateries nearby to complete the experience.

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