Oh what a day…what a lovely day! (Mad Max Shooting Locations)


Chances are at some point, you have sought out out filming locations where a famous chase happened, an intense action sequence unfolded, or a pivotal moment in that film occurred. While some spots are easy to find, others prove challenging or fall victim to environmental changes, destruction, or simply time itself causing it to become barely recognized. Seeking these areas out is quite literally an adventure in itself. Enter Victoria, Australia.

Now you may be thinking, what in the world was filmed in Australia that is worthy of a quest of seeking out the shooting locations and shot by shot comparisons? None other than the Mad Max film series of course! Some of the most exhilarating sequences of the films are quite easy to find while others are truly hidden gems. Among the various locations and spots of the famed shots, don’t forget that there are plenty of pubs and nightclubs to help put a glorious cap on a “lovely day”. Click here for the nightlife in the area and without further ado, here are some of the famed spots from the film worth checking out if your adventures take you down under! Read on for some of these key spots you can find from the original 1979 Mad Max film

Point Wilson Road

If you are looking to knock out several birds with one stone, this road shares some spots featured in the film. The bunker which Roop is seen sitting on is actually an old ammo bunker and is found southeast of Little River on the other side of the freeway. The ammo bunker also shares the same location as the sequence in which Goose takes his wild ride. The gate that Big Bopper slides through can also be found on the very same road. For details on how to find these spots be sure to click here but make sure you obey traffic laws and respect any private property in these areas!

Kirk’s Bridge/Little River-Ripley Road

Another such spot in which several exciting shots were filmed is near Kirk’s Bridge and Little River Ripley Road. Kirk’s Bridge is where Max wiped out 4 bikers, two on the north side and the other two off the bridge itself. Looking very closely you can still see the white cross on the pillars when the bikers go over the side. About halfway up heading out of Lara on the way to Kirk’s Bridge on the right-hand side on Little River Ripley Road is where you can spot where the Chevy gets wrecked. The “Prohibited Area” is a spot in which Max heads into after the Toecutter is killed. This one like the previous location is on Little River Ripley Road heading out of Little River just past Kirk’s Bridge Road where the crest of the hill with the dead tree appears

Pretty Sally Roadhouse

As a true testament of time being the ultimate enemy to memory, this one location has fallen true victim to deterioration and disrepair. The Pretty Sally Roadhouse which is where Goose is eating has been closed for some time now and was last reported as being used as a junkyard. While at first glance you wouldn’t guess it was from the film, this is still one such spot you should visit before time and erosion continues to consume the memory.

Want more locations and exciting spots where cinematic excitement took place in this film series including the newest installment Mad Max: Fury Road? Click here for a complete list and reference guide to help get you started on your “lovely day’! (Photo Credits courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/Jasin Boland/Everett Collection)