Stud Service Agreement Philippines


    Then launch it. The contract should indicate what the provision of the agreement is. Normally, it is at least one puppy (living or dead). And if only one offspring is produced, the owner of the stud farm offers a restitution service. Unfortunately, problems are constantly being raised. If the number of messages and calls I ask for is a clue, they happen all the time. Here are some simple situations that could have been addressed by a simple written agreement: breeders who are serious about raising usually know what a reasonable amount is and what is not. Just be smart with the price change or cost of your study service. In this video you will find further tips on the breeding process during the service of dog stud farms: one of the health problems that dogs should be rid of is brucellosis. It is a bacterial infection transmitted through sexual contact.

    It can also cause infertility in the and bolt and even cause an abortion of puppies. Males used as galleries should be tested every 6 months. As you can imagine, there are many situations other than the three above that warrant a written agreement. For some people, screenshots of their conversation with the other party serve as a record of their transaction and conversation. While this may serve its purpose, it would always be better to formalize the agreement. A simple written or handwritten document will do this. Their time and attention are also essential. You should be available if the dam owner or the new owner of the puppies in your stud farm have any questions. It is best to have a business card and the owner of the dams who used your service to make it available to puppy buyers.

    The location and breed of the mother can help you base your decision to raise your stud for a breeding balance. As a rule, there is a notice of 65 to 70 days. If the dam owner can inform the stud owner of a non-pregnancy, but the gallery is no longer available, a return service is provided by another compatible stud farm. If they are notified outside this period, the owner of the stud farm can refuse the service. For stud owners who prefer to be paid with the first choice on the dam throw, aim for the best. Breeders aim to make a dog healthier, stronger and, overall, better than the current dog they use for breeding. The majority of puppy buyers and sellers in the Philippines do not have puppy contracts or sales contracts. . .